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Afenifere Renewal Group
Yoruba Council of Elders
Yoruba Unity Forum
Oodua Redemption Alliance
Oodua Liberation Movement
Oodua Nationalist Coalition
Oodua Peoples’ Congress
Federation of Yoruba Culture & Consciousness
Majiyagbe Olododo Oodua Vanguard
Yoruba Action Movement
Egbe Agbekoya
United Self Determination Platform of Oodua
Yoruba Youths Council
Yoruba Council of Youths Worldwide
Movement for Oduduwa Republic
Oodua Renaissance Movement
Oodua Conscience Movement
Yoruba Koya
Yoruba Oodu’a Union
Okun Development Association
Oodua Progressive Movement
Oodua Action Group
Awari Omo Oduduwa
United Yoruba Kingdom
Supreme Council of Yoruba Youths
Yoruba Traditional Conference
Ajoro Omo Oodua
Ojulowo Omo Yoruba Group
Yoruba Women Progressive Alliance
Egbe afi Yoruba Pitu Ede
Oodua Coalition Against Insurgency & Kidnapping in Yorubaland
Ayanmo Ire Ile Yoruba Group
Imole Oduduwa Agbaye
Iyayito Oodua
Soludero Hunters Security of Yorubaland
Oduduwa Action Group
Peace for all Yoruba in Nigeria & Overseas
Yoruba Omo Oodua
Oodua Progressive Movement
Agenda for Yoruba Unity Reconciliation & Integrity
Oodua Professionals
League of Yoruba Market Men & Women
Oodua Youth Movement
Oodua Republic Front
Oodua Grand Alliance for Independence
Yoruba Sovereignty Defense Agenda
Ojoola Yoruba
Egbe Obinrin Akoni
Oodua Revolution Movement
Oodua Renaissance Group
Itsekiri National Youth Council
Yoruba Human Rights Council
Network for Yoruba Alliance
Okun Freedom Alliance
Oduduwa United People’s Association
Yoruba Nation Emancipation Movement
Okun People’s Front
Yoruba Council of Women Worldwide
Yoruba Nation International
Itsekiri Nationalists Movement
Edo-Oodua People’s Movement
Binukonu Omo Oodua
Oodua Youth Coalition
  • Egbe Omo Yoruba in Ghana
  • Oodua Foundation
  • Egbe Omo Yoruba in North America
  • Yoruba Diaspora League  (UK)
  • Progressive People of Yorubaland Worldwide (Germany)
  • Yoruba Heritage International

The Yoruba World Congress is the umbrella body of Yoruba people and groups across the globe.

YWC’s main aims are to promote, defend and achieve the collective growth and developmental aspirations and interests, prosperity, security, wellbeing, welfare and sustenance of Yoruba People and culture.

To this end, YWC is actively engaged in promoting culture, principles and working with other cultural associations across the world (Diaspora and others) We plan to have seminars, cultural and intellectual exchanges and events with associations around the globe.

prof banji akintoye

Prof. Banji Akintoye

Our Leader

Stephen Adebanji Akintoye, also known as S. Banji Akintoye is an academic, historian and writer. He holds a PhD in History. He was a Professor of History at the Uniberisty of Ibadan, he has also taught African History in universities in the United States including the University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida; Montgomery County Community College, PA, and Eastern University, St. Davids, Pennsylvania. Akintoye has written four books, chapters in many joint books, and several articles in scholarly journals.

He took a leading part for some time in the politics of Nigeria and served on the Nigerian Senate from 1979–1983.

Prof. Anthony Kila

Secretary General

Anthony A. Kila is Jean Monnet Professor of Strategy and Development.

He is the Centre Director at the Centre for International for Advanced and Professional Studies Lagos, he was also an international Director of Studies at ECAPS in Cambridge, He is a fellow at the European Institute for Social and Economic Development.

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The Secretariat