The Yoruba World Congress led by Emeritus Prof Banji Akintoye is set to hold meetings in all Local Government Areas of Yoruba land.

The meetings will hold concurrently on Saturday 25th July 2020 in over 200 Local Government Areas of Yoruba States and some Local Government Areas of  Kwara, Kogi, Edo and Delta States.

In confirming the event, YWC Secretary-General, Prof Anthony Kila, noted that the day is not an ordinary day as the YWC is set to make history. Prof. Kila observed that “outside churches and mosques, YWC will be the first association in the world to hold meetings in all Local Government Areas of Yoruba land at the same time on the same day, it is also the day we unveil the YWC Secretariat in Ibadan”.

The historic event has been made possible by the various group and individuals and led by state coordinators that make up the YWC.

Kila also noted that due to government regulations and dictates of common sense, participants have been advised to make sure that there are not more than 25 people in a venue and that all should wear face masks and keep washing and sanitizing their hands before and during the meetings. 

The Local Government Area meetings that will take place over 200 locations will be presided over by Emeritus Prof. Banji Akintoye in the company of other YWC Leaders like Dr Amos Akingba and Chief Tola Adeniyi in Ibadan where they will also unveil the YWC National Secretariat. The body also has an International Secretariat in Lagos.

The Yoruba World Congress is the umbrella body of Yoruba people and groups across the world, its aims are to promote, defend and achieve the collective growth and developmental aspirations and interests, prosperity, security, wellbeing, welfare and sustenance of Yoruba People and culture. Just last month the body announced the YWC Global Library Project an initiative conceived to preserve and promote Yoruba culture and headed by Prof. Omofolabo Ajayi-Soyinka.

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