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Ijalo Forestguards Organisation are a paramilitary organisation founded to provide critical strategic and tactical support for the security activities of Amotekun by protecting and safeguarding uninhabited and sparsely populated interior areas of Yoruba territories from enemies incursions and to prevent foreign militias, terrorists, cultists, and criminals from setting up camps and bases on Yorubaland; and from using the land as launching pads for their nefarious activities including kidnapping, herdsmen campaigns of attrition, destruction of farms and farmers' property, and terrorist attacks, and smuggling of illicit weapons and ammunition. To serve Amotekun as forward reconnaissance units for monitoring and reporting all enemy activities including their deployment, formations, and movements that might pose certain and imminent threat to our villages, hamlets, forests, jungles, deserts, rivers, mountain ranges and riverine areas throughout Yoruba land and extending such protection and safeguard to the territories and borders of Yoruba allies.

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