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Karo Ojire Omo Oodua Foundation


Karo-Ojire Omo Oodua Foundation

Motto: Exposition of the rich culture, tradition and heritage of Yoruba people.

The purpose of this project is to expose the rich culture, tradition and heritage of Yoruba people for a common cause throughout the continent of Africa and the Diaspora. Karo-Ojire Omo Oodua Foundation project is an empowerment program to revolutionize the people’s mental attitude for distinction.

Vision Statement

To propagate the socio-cultural ethics, language, names, lineage praises, history and value-system of the Yoruba Nation Worldwide.
Mission Statement:
To articulate and expose the rich culture, language, tradition and heritage of the Yorubas for the benefit of all. To periodically connect with stakeholders, Diasporas and related bodies with the aim of seeking new ways to create cultural, traditional and heritage awareness for love, peace, harmony and prosperity.

Aims & Objectives

  • To build a Community of Oodua Descendants Worldwide by promoting unity and oneness.
  • To protect and preserve the common interest of every Yoruba person in particular and the Yoruba nation in general worldwide.
  • To promote the Socio-Cultural ethics and value system of the Yoruba people globally.
  • To articulate and propagate the rich culture, Language, Tradition and Heritage of the Yoruba people globally for the benefit of all.
  • To promote and preserve the Culture, Language, Tradition and Heritage of the Yoruba Nation through various awareness channels, documentation and archiving.
  • To propagate the Yoruba family ethos amongst the Yorubas and non-Yorubas world-wide.
  • To promote the dissemination of the Yoruba Culture, Tradition, Language and Heritage as the best mode of living and raising family.
  • To promote the consciousness of the Yoruba idea and unique mode of commerce, science and technology and economic activities for benefit of all.
  • To organize various socio-cultural programs and events designed to propagate and preserve the heritage of the Yoruba.......

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