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Ojulowo Omoluabi Movement

The major aim of bringing this into the limelight is because of my observations and assessments of our generation, in my research work, it was discovered that some of us have been totally misinformed, brainwashed, misguided to the extent that some of our contemporaries had given up, morally, traditionally, culturally, politically, socioeconomically and otherwise, meanwhile, our generation is the most endowed and blessed generation in terms of growth and development due to the advancement and innovation in science and technology but instead of us to make use of all these for the betterment of our society but it's pathetic that reverse is the case in this part of the world because of those who we grew up to know and meet as our leaders.
And this Ojulowo Omoluabi Movement is going to shed more light on the causes of our problems introduce possible solutions, we are all victims of this disastrous society where norms and values are seen as the most useless approach to our daily life activities.
This Movement is going to bringing onboard those who are the peoples of timber and calibre in our Yoruba society enlightenment, information, awareness of Yoruba people.
The following listed are going to be our focus in this movement.
1. to make Yoruba the major language of our interactions here (Ede wa).
2. to positively change the impressions of our elders on this generation that we can do better.
3. to promotes only Yoruba cultures and traditions (Asa ati ise wa)
4. to protect the interest of our members both home and abroad (Ajumose wa)
5. to collaborate with all other Yoruba groups especially the Yoruba World Congress (YWC) for the interest of Yoruba people (Ifowosowopo).
6. to gain opportunities for our members who have one or two potentials that's could be useful to our land. (Anfani)
7. to promote agriculture for food security. (Ise Ogbin)

Finally, this Movement is established to cut across all Yoruba speaking states in Nigeria including some part of Yoruba lands in Kwara, Kogi, Edo, Delta and outside Nigeria like Benin Republic, Togo, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Brazil and Cuba which currently work is ongoing to bring them onboard.

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